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Our Approach

Our goal is to help you achieve the elegance and beauty in your home that you have always dreamed of.
Adding hardwood floors is an excellent way to increase the beauty and elegance of your home and can add long lasting value.

Our Story

Nelson Villanueva President and Founder of NV Floors LLC established this company in 1997 with a goal in mind, to be validated as a business that is customer oriented.

Our upright behavior towards our customers will define our company as honest and worthy of our customers.

Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. At NV Floors LLC we have the qualities neccesary to perform according to your standards. Our view on work performance and determination is certainly the reason why we are successful and will continue to be. Our Purpose and our operational expertise across our business will help realise our vision of accelerating growth in the flooring business, while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. Our priorities and principles to our customers are to review our performed work carefully and to commit to supporting sustainability and providing our consumers around the Pittsburgh, PA area with the services they need to have there homes looking good, with added value and get more than they expected.

Meet the Founder & CEO

As a customer you will expect your project to be completed just as you dreamt it, perfect. Nelson makes sure that each project is completed on time, on budget, and with precise attention to detail.

Nelson Villanueva President and Founder of NV Floors LLC

Nelson Villanueva

Founder & CEO

Nelson is first and foremost a skilled craftsman. With over 20 years of experience, he has accomplished his long life ambition, to run a hardwood flooring company. We could earnestly say the Mr. Nelson will personally be involved in every single job, from start to finish.

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