Hardwood Flooring Services

Hardwood Flooring Services

Hardwood Flooring Services In Pittsburgh, PA

Looking for Hardwood Flooring Services? Transform your home with high-quality floor installation services. With NV Floors LLC we will provide you with service to complete your flooring project. Let us do it for you!

Hardwood Flooring Services

Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors In Pittsburgh, PA

To refinish a hardwood floor, the first thing you need to do is sand off the old finish.

Hardwood Flooring Services

Floor Repair Services In Pittsburgh, PA

We can help with any repair need that may arise with your flooring. Whether it be a loose board or tile, exposed crack or seam, tripping hazard or dangerous edge, we can help.

Hardwood Floors Color & Hardwood Flooring Service Specialists In Pittsburgh, PA

You can choose from a variety of stain colors that are available to either enhance or alter the natural color of your wood floors refinishing. We want to assist you with making those decisions, contact us and we will manage your project from start to finish.

Hardwood Flooring Services
Hardwood Flooring Services

•  Borders
•  Buffing and coating of hardwood floors (screen and coat)
•  Oil and water based polyurethane application
•  Custom stain and matching
•  Historic Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwood Flooring Services

Why choose us for the job?

After all, the same tradition remains, we are dedicated to providing our services with the utmost respect towards our fellow workers, the people we get the materials from, and especially our customers.
At NV Floors LLC we are confident that you are hiring a well-established hardwood flooring company, that has the experience and craftsmanship expertise to get the job done right the first time.
We are a company that is devoted to using integrity as a milestone. That is why you should hire us.

More about our company.

We work exclusively in developing and successfully managing, repair and installation projects and programs designed to build positive and long lasting relationships. Our company structure is designed around our clients and is focused on being highly attentive through the entire process. Our personnel is empowered to make decisions and resolve issues in order to achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

Hardwood Flooring Services

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